Biobb Model changelog

What’s new in version 3.7.0?

In version 3.7.0 the dependency biobb_common has been updated to 3.7.0 version.

New features

  • Update to biobb_common 3.7.0 (general)
  • Update to biobb_structure_checking 3.8.5 (general)

What’s new in version 3.0.1?

In version 3.0.0 Python has been updated to version 3.7 and Biopython to version 1.76. Big changes in the documentation style and content. Finally a new conda installation recipe has been introduced.

New features

  • Update to Python 3.7 (general)
  • Update to Biopython 1.76 (general)
  • New conda installer (installation)
  • Adding type hinting for easier usage (API)
  • Deprecating os.path in favour of pathlib.path (modules)
  • New command line documentation (documentation)

Bug fixes

  • Replace container badge (documentation)
  • Remove unused system and step arguments from command line causing execution errors (cli) #9
  • Remove system argument from commandline (cli)

Other changes

  • New documentation styles (documentation) #8